Frequently Asked Questions 



Can I submit film photographs or only digital photography?

You are more than welcome to submit an analogue photograph as long as you’re able to upload a hi-res file.


Can I submit color and black and white photographs?

Yes, you can submit color or black and white photographs.


Can I submit photographs made before the year 2017?

Yes, any photographs you’ve created, despite when you’ve completed them are acceptable.


Can I submit an Instagram photo?

Instagram photographs are welcome as long as they fit the specs and are hi-res files.


What is Copyright?

Copyright is a form of legal protection prohibiting others from copying one’s creative work without permission. A copyright is a property right. Copyright law grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights for its use and distribution.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an ethical violation resulting from failure to cite sources and engaging in the act of passing someone else’s work or ideas off as one’s own. This applies even if you have only copied a part, rather than the whole, of another’s work.


How do I know if my work is original?

An original work is one that is new and different from what others have created. This means that you are the author of the work, and the work is not copied from someone else’s original work.


If I make changes to someone else's work, can I use it to submit?

If your work transforms the source material, then it may be considered original. Transformative work is a new work that adds value, substantially changes, comments on, or gives a new expression or meaning to the source.


Can I submit photographs taken on my cell phone?

Cell phone photographs are welcome as long as they fit the specs and are hi-res files.


Does the work have to be political?

No, but it can be. 


Does the work have to be photography?

The work does need to have a photographic element, this can include lens based photography, a digital montage, or another creation. If you have questions about a particular image, feel free to email us at


Do I have to have a Google account to submit?

You do not need to have a Google account to submit.


When will I be notified of accepted work?

Students will be notified the week of October 23rd.


Is there an entry fee?

There is NO entry fee!


I am home schooled, can I submit?



I am 18, do I still need parent signature?




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