How often should I expect to be paid for teaching?

SVA’s pay period is the 15th and last day of the month.  For a full schedule log into MySVA and click the Payroll link listed under the Human Resources tab.

Am I eligible for health insurance?

Yes, after completing one-year of service you are eligible.  To find out more information, look online at MySVA or contact the Benefits Coordinator, Mairead Reardon.

What is the process for doing an independent study?

First, a student will need to ask to do an independent study with you. Independent Studies can be for 1, 2 or 3 credits and are paid per credit hour at the end of the semester when you submit the grade. Once you agree to do an Independent Study with a student, you will need to review their proposal and sign the paperwork they will then submit to the Department Chair and their Advisor.

Yes, you may have two guest lecturers per semester unless otherwise indicated by the Chair based on the type of course you teach. 

The general honorarium for a Guest Lecturer is $100.

Can I invite a guest lecturer to class and if so can we pay them?

Final grades are submitted through MySVA.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s office at 212-592-2200 or the Office of Learning Technologies at 212.592.2313.

How do I submit my grades?

Yes, you may give a student an incomplete grade.  Besides assigning them an “I” during grading, you will need to fill out the Incomplete Form found in the file section (link) and list exactly what the student needs to complete in order to achieve a grade.  This form is then handed into their Advisor or myself.

After the student completes the work, you have until the end of the following semester to submit a change of grade form, otherwise the student’s grade will go from an “I” to an “F” automatically.

May I give an incomplete grade?

The mid-semester evaluation form is a preemptive form to notify students that they are in jeopardy of failing your course.  This could be due to their lack of work (homework or otherwise), excessive absences or failure to do the required work satisfactorily.

These forms can be found on your MySVA landing page.

What is a mid-semester evaluation form?

Yes, but please make sure to fill out a Field Trip form and submit it to the Curriculum Coordinator, Amber Dietz.

May I take the students on a field trip?

If you are experiencing a student with disruptive or distressing behavior, please refer to the policies outlined on pg. 65 of the SVA Handbook.

If there is an emergency in class, call 911 immediately and have another student tell the security officer or call 212.592.2320 at the front desk and then notify a HUB Staff member either send a student to the 6th Floor HUB or by calling 212.592.2330.

Faculty, staff and students may encounter concerning or disruptive behavior on campus. If any such situations occur, the issues or behavior should be addressed using the following guidelines and procedures. If anyone at the College is concerned about an individual student, the Students at Risk Committee (STAR) should be contacted via an online form: star.sva.edu.

If the student is being disruptive and you cannot calm them down in classroom, please ask the student to leave the class.  If they refuse to leave the classroom, please contact security by either seeing the officer at the front desk or by calling 212-592-2320.

If you are still unsure of how to proceed, please speak to the Director of Student Affairs, Bill Martino who can be reached at wmartino@sva.edu or 212-592-2212.  Please also share your concerns with the Chair of the Department.

If I’m having issues with a student, whom can I speak to?

Please contact a Digital Lab Administrator at 212-592-2339.


I am having difficulties with the projectors in my room. Who should I contact?

Faculty who have completed on (1) year of service and who are teaching full semester courses are eligible to enroll in two (2) SVA Continuing Education courses per semester, tuition free. All related course fees, including the registration fee, must be paid by the faculty member. For more information please Log In to your MySVA and clock on the HR/ Finance Forms Link.

As a faculty member, am I allowed to take classes at SVA?

The number of student absences are up to the faculty.

How many classes are students allowed to miss?

The lowest passing grade is a D-.

What is the lowest passing grade I can give a student?

Please contact the Curriculum Coordinator, Amber Dietz, for all class cancelations. You must then make up the class, and you must inform Amber of when you will be making this up.

All substitute approvals must go through the department.

Please also make sure to have any sub fill out the proper paperwork for payment, including a W-9.

I need to cancel/have a substitute a class, who do I contact?

All faculty mailboxes are located inside of the Matthew Wilson Resource Room on the second floor.

Do I have a mailbox?

All faculty may utilize the Resource Room for individual meetings, but if the room is in use, or you will need a dedicated room for a longer period of time than 1 hour, please speak to the Studio Manager, Adam Donnelly.

May I reserve a room for student meetings?