First Year

AHD-1090 History of Photography I
Serving as introduction to the history of photography, this course will examine the beginnings of the medium and continue through to the work of the present day. Particular attention will be given to major photographic movements and technological advances of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th century. 

PHD-1030 Photography Workshop I & II
With an emphasis on extensive darkroom work and group critique, this course will cover printing, negative development, spotting and mounting. 

PHD-1060 Photography on Assignment
This course in photographic nuts and bolts will include technical demonstrations and assignments concerning the use of meters, filters, lighting, flash and color film, among other topics. Students will be given location assignments, which will imitate those of a commercial or editorial photographer working in the current marketplace. 

PHD-1080 Introduction to Digital Imaging
Gaining a fundamental understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom applications will be the focus of this course. Topics covered include image size and resolution, flatbed and film scanning, color modes, file formats, painting and editing tools, file management, image adjustments, working with layers and layer masks, and output options. 

PHD-1220 through PHD-1270 Foundation Symposium
Foundation Symposium is designed to introduce the student to a variety of photographic practices and ideas. The symposium is composed of five-week courses that will explore career, language and technique. 

HCD-1020 Writing and Literature I & II
 With its focus on developing an argument, the course offers an introduction to some of the skills necessary for critical analysis
of written art. It will include a review of writing basics (grammar, coherence, idea development, sentence and essay structure).


Second Year

PHD-2040 Studio Photography I
This introductory course in studio photography is for those interested in discovering the versatility of the large-format camera and the abilities of controlled studio lighting to enhance form and texture. Electronic flash, tungsten lighting, and all formats from 35mm to 4x5" cameras will be used to photograph still lifes, portraits, fashion/beauty and nudes in class.

PHD-2045 Studio Photography II
Using all camera formats from 35mm to 4x5" and controlled studio lighting, students will complete a series of assignments, including still life, portrait, fashion/beauty and nudes. Students will be encouraged to go beyond the technical and explore the aesthetic aspects of their subjects

PHD-2060/2065 Photo Critique I & II
Photo Critique initiates an in-depth conversation about photography as driven by content, and each student’s exploration of subject matter. Intention and articula- tion will be emphasized. 

PHD-2070 The Critical Eye I: Writing, Reading, Seeing, Discussing 
This course will introduce the photography student to critical discourse. Its aim is to enhance in-class dialogue through readings, writing, and the methodology of observation and criticality, to serve aesthetic production in all photographic genres. 

PHD-2080 Intermediate Digital Photography
Adobe Photoshop and software extensions will be used in this course to explore image construction, manipulation, retouching and collage techniques. Emphasis will be placed on an exploration of the full potential of all aspects of the application. 

AHD-2090 History of Contemporary Photography

This course will emphasize the last 40 years of photography, and by a thorough analysis and discussion of the work, it will articulate the dominant cultural and aesthetic ideas of the time.  

PHD-2090 Video
The goal of this course is to familiarize photography students with video in its technical form, as well as its conceptual possibilities.  

PHD-2120 The Professional Community
Through a series of field trips and lectures, students will become familiar with the varied aspects of the professional photographic community. Students will also develop an in-depth understanding of self-promotion and résumé building, and skills required for professional communication. Trips to galleries, museums, studios and auction houses, to name a few, will give students firsthand knowledge of professional opportunities.  


Third Year

PHD-3040/3045 Photography Seminar I & II
A continuation of the discourse begun in PHD-2060, Photo Critique I, this seminar will culminate in a body of work that is self-motivated. A commitment to this process is required, as well as the progression of the students’ understanding of their work and the ability to articulate their ideas. 

PHD-3060 Visual Literacy Survey
This course has two purposes. The first is to provide an overview of contemporary photography and its trends since 1960—not only fine art, but also advertising, photojournalism and any other commercial applications—presented not as an isolated academic study, but something relevant to working today. The second purpose is to encourage students to develop their own criteria for looking at photographs.  

PHD-3083/3091 Digital Photography
Having mastered the fundamental digital processes, each student chooses (from among the third-year course offerings) an area of digital specialization of interest and relevance to their future photographic activity.  


Fourth Year

PHD-4080/4085 Photography Thesis I & II
The function of this course is two-fold: as critical seminar of depth and insight, which helps each student to build a coherent body of unique work; and also as an information forum that prepares students for careers in photography. 




We also offer a range of exciting electives such as:

3-D Portraiture
The Inspired Still Life
Printmaking and Color Management
Advanced Lighting Techniques
Teaching Photography
Digital Photography: Branding Yourself
Digital Photography: Imaging and the Internet
Digital Video and Photography
Explorations in Abstract Photography
Fashion: Concept Narrative
For Memory's Sake
How to Make It as a Working Photographer
Introduction to Alternative Process
Location Photography
Photographic Narrative
Shoot, Shout, Change
The Dark Stuff
The Eloquent Photographer
The Viral Image
Vision and Technique